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2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne held

Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:31 am by gall

2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne ( Royal Lytham & St. Annes ) held. The stadium was a group of great champions, including Bobbi Jones, one of the greatest amateur mizuno mp 68 irons. Very funny, Bobbi - Jones win here through many twists and turns, including had to buy tickets to enter the stadium.Once at Lytham, Bobbi - Jones immediately finds himself became the center of media attention, especially the American reporter, they gathered there to watch him play.

In 1926, the United States is in the prohibition era in the middle, which could explain why an American reporter selection in the club house ( Dormy House meters ) and club bar report events. To this end, he had to rely on my colleagues for his report on the latest information mizuno mp 58 irons. At least look back, obviously, he missed a lot of great golf performance, such as the first round, Walter Hagen played fantastic68 pole, ahead of compatriot Bill Mel Horn ( Bill Melhorn )2 bar.

Bobbi Jones admitted his first round of golf played very badly, the last four green he needed a push, to save a72 bar. The second round, Bobbi Jones once again hit 72 pole, two rounds of achievement of 144lever, and Bill Mehlhorn into the leading. At the start of the contestants for117 people, after two rounds of qualifying mizuno mp 53 irons for a total of 52people. The remaining players, all behind leader15 bar and above, automatic withdrawal. Walter Hagen in first round hit 68 pole on the basis of the second round, hit 77 pole, and third in. Another American players Creole - Voight Ross ( Al Watrous ) another stroke, the result is 146bar.

The morning of the last day of a fresh wind is blowing from the north. Bobbi - Jones and orr - Wouter Ross group. Auer - Wouter Ross is the Grand Rapids Michigan ( Grand Rapids ) of the occupation athlete, he won 34 games, two times in the Ryder Cup, and later changed when the boss.Auer - Wouter Ross in the third round hit 68 pole, in turn leading Bobbi Jones - 2bar. Two of them subsequently to the nearby Grand Hotel ( Majestic Hotel ) rest, eat. Walter Hagen was still on the pitch, he finally hit mizuno mp 59 irons 74 pole, but Bill Mehlhorn hit 79 pole, from second down to tie for fifth place, with the addition of an American amateur golfer George van elm ( George Von Elm ) was a draw. At the beginning of the year, George van elm in the United States Amateur Championship against Bobbi Jones, he crossed the the Atlantic but also to participate in the Walker cup.

The final round as Creole - Wouter Ross and Bobbi - Jones showdown. In this battle, the latter had to overcome a no thought obstacle.When Bobbi returned to the court of Jones after a short rest, he found himself players to put it in the wrong place mizuno mp 63 irons. To the end, he had to line up together with the public, paid 2shillings 6 pence tickets to return to the court, because security does not believe he is the player. Maybe it's history, only one grand slam championship by such insults, but it proved to be a good investment, as Bobbi - Jones a little bit to retrieve his competitor's advantage.

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Cannes MingDao most rob reviewed: opening mirror, Chinese more window

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Cannes MingDao most rob reviewed: opening mirror, Chinese more window

Post  q462604742 on Fri May 13, 2011 2:42 am

Cannes film festival red carpet show in local time under the sunScrubs dvd May 11, the whole process, the curtain of famous filmmakers figure constantly flash across, not at all the ice. Process the compact, MingDao dense recovered, it is quite worthy small audience. The cannes film festival is a very powerful features, director of the jury also good enough contrast the van, hitting instead seem a bit cold and cheerless star, especially at the Paris "several roles and the French first lady Carla bruni-sarkozy, the absence of a little intimidating YiXing wanes. But this is art party, heavy author and light appearance, perhaps is the essence of art beliefs.

Chinese in the position a little awkward, but participants except two judges numerous, pretty and ShiNaSheng all appearance, two generations of actress gong and fan bingbing red carpet also took to the opening of "martial arts", Peter chan.it also play the heroine in film festival. Although window quite a lot, and film festival, the honor Gossip Girl dvdof this session of cannes to swear in essentially belongs to China.

The cannes film festival, announced the moment from the nomination is considered to be the party MingDao masters on the red carpet, the opening and also talent filled. French new wave in the past 50 years, the two flag-bearer Claude le lu assorted and Lawrence anwar of Agamemnon o have gray hairs, but as host appeared on the red carpet yingbin. Was too sick Italian master LuJi wheelchair nursed through and gotten his honor, the crowd applause is sweeping through palme d, to show the master of homage, and honour from the start as palme d also Sons of Anarchy dvdpermanent awards. Top award winner, Serbia twice MingDao amir · library stew's this as "first-class attention" to the President and appear, unit in 2005 he was chairman of the main competition unit as a duty, and will be awarded heavy-hitters include within the reach of the children, "brother on the red carpet in the interview, he also said American director woody Allen film career is he the initiator.

No doubt, the library stew's predecessors in salute to woody Allen, the work of the old director in English villepin film has a pivotal position, this time he's "midnight Paris" is as opening piece appear, "midnight Paris" is woody Allen city sightseeing series of another station, before he has filmed London (" the final point ") and Barcelona (" midnight Barcelona "), on the red carpet woody Allen announced the next station destination - Rome, Italy.

Before the opening film held a small screening, aired repair edition of the trip to the moon, the film record "only 15 minutes, is one of the earliest history of science fiction film, but also the origin of its subject director George merry love is the most important film was born one of the founders of the period.

Although the chinese-language films, but Chinese elements of zero shortlisted in each corners, fan bingbing Two and a Half Men dvdstill in the Chinese the spokesperson, she wore cannes' Chinese wind full-bodied red skirt, above the embroidered with white crane, the plum flower rays with compatriots, pursue auspicious atmosphere coincide, as mainland theCriminal Minds dvd most popular "international fan," she already more and more get the attention of the international media, by her starring, wang the snowflakes and directed "secret door to determine in the appearance. Another walked along red carpet Chinese actress is gong, he worked in 2000 and 2002 served as Berlin and chairman of the panel, Venice film festival in 1997 cannes film festival is served as a judge, 20 years she five times were near zijing competition cannes.

Members of the jury ShiNaSheng as film festival, or black skirt appearance elegant natural, full of Oriental intellectual beauty. As the wife of tsui hark and the most important partner, she is one of the important pushs the Chinese cinema, whom she supervised the longmen fly armour "at the cannes film festival will appear before,Bones dvd in the media interviews, she still feels that the Chinese movie box office just bubble, real comments glorious period is far from coming. Another as the Chinese are Hong Kong director judges, his "pretty galactic image" is the last ten years the creation of the most vibrant Hong Kong cinema pretty himself group, Venice film festival in 2008 as the judges, but because shelling injustice and get under the award for points in noised abroad.

Another let China media the focus is for Hong Kong's Peter chan.it also "martial arts", the movie heroine also at the opening ceremony broadcast, but no candidate any awards, are only for seeking business opportunities.

Overall this session of cannes red carpet star too much, thus each process appears densely and short, including members of the jury appearance. Maggie cheung ex-husband olivier and pizza yves is o, this session of the judges, 2004, it is also one of the "clean, he sent the cheung throne. After the cannes Members of the panelCold Case dvd have Hollywood stars Jude lothrop in 2007, he starred in the movie "my blueberry nights" once as cannes film festival opening film and appearance. Starred in such films as "kill bill" the Hollywood action actress uma Thurman also is one of the members of the jury. The opening ceremony aired Robert deniro heroine of classics, the panel chairman in Murray kang "American past" within the soundtrack to come on stage, an extraordinary, the department, by his starring cernet Joe Leon, now famous within director infinite heart. Fans

The cannes, even the ostentatious great emcee also luxury to use the stars to the host is a French Cenozoic actress Melanie Rowland (micro Po), she had to "hainan chicken rice" and "shameless bastard" and so on the work fans know for the world. This also is cannes in 2003 monica bellucci, and in 2009 after GuXinNa tower again enable star MC.
The cannes film festival's most anticipated event does not appear some of the stars, including opening piece "midnight Paris" of male leading Owen Wilson and Mary Leon cotillard, but it's still good have supporting actor adrien brody came JiuChang, the actor is also the youngest academy award winning actor so far. Latino is, compareSons of Anarchy dvdd to force, actor instead more in the upcoming film, "our weightlifters habitat of the skin of the Spanish film actor, a brother Antonio meets on the red carpet is one of the most dazzling star, he starred in the very small spy 4" also is coming. Mexican cinema one elder sister thrallmar, sea and grams above the red carpet afforded appeared in, still own tycoon with years ago, her husband who had "freda" compete for the oscar-winning actress. Besides publicized and JiMeng hughes, he had with "forward paradise" became the first black Oscar for best supporting actor.

"Midnight Paris" starring Rachel McAdams, one of the red carpet, but also appear the audience perked up French first lady Carla bruni-sarkozy, eventually still not coming, which reportedly reason is that the film "against sarkozy".


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