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2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne held

Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:31 am by gall

2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne ( Royal Lytham & St. Annes ) held. The stadium was a group of great champions, including Bobbi Jones, one of the greatest amateur mizuno mp 68 irons. Very funny, Bobbi - Jones win here through many twists and turns, including had to buy tickets to enter the stadium.Once at Lytham, Bobbi - Jones immediately finds himself became the center of media attention, especially the American reporter, they gathered there to watch him play.

In 1926, the United States is in the prohibition era in the middle, which could explain why an American reporter selection in the club house ( Dormy House meters ) and club bar report events. To this end, he had to rely on my colleagues for his report on the latest information mizuno mp 58 irons. At least look back, obviously, he missed a lot of great golf performance, such as the first round, Walter Hagen played fantastic68 pole, ahead of compatriot Bill Mel Horn ( Bill Melhorn )2 bar.

Bobbi Jones admitted his first round of golf played very badly, the last four green he needed a push, to save a72 bar. The second round, Bobbi Jones once again hit 72 pole, two rounds of achievement of 144lever, and Bill Mehlhorn into the leading. At the start of the contestants for117 people, after two rounds of qualifying mizuno mp 53 irons for a total of 52people. The remaining players, all behind leader15 bar and above, automatic withdrawal. Walter Hagen in first round hit 68 pole on the basis of the second round, hit 77 pole, and third in. Another American players Creole - Voight Ross ( Al Watrous ) another stroke, the result is 146bar.

The morning of the last day of a fresh wind is blowing from the north. Bobbi - Jones and orr - Wouter Ross group. Auer - Wouter Ross is the Grand Rapids Michigan ( Grand Rapids ) of the occupation athlete, he won 34 games, two times in the Ryder Cup, and later changed when the boss.Auer - Wouter Ross in the third round hit 68 pole, in turn leading Bobbi Jones - 2bar. Two of them subsequently to the nearby Grand Hotel ( Majestic Hotel ) rest, eat. Walter Hagen was still on the pitch, he finally hit mizuno mp 59 irons 74 pole, but Bill Mehlhorn hit 79 pole, from second down to tie for fifth place, with the addition of an American amateur golfer George van elm ( George Von Elm ) was a draw. At the beginning of the year, George van elm in the United States Amateur Championship against Bobbi Jones, he crossed the the Atlantic but also to participate in the Walker cup.

The final round as Creole - Wouter Ross and Bobbi - Jones showdown. In this battle, the latter had to overcome a no thought obstacle.When Bobbi returned to the court of Jones after a short rest, he found himself players to put it in the wrong place mizuno mp 63 irons. To the end, he had to line up together with the public, paid 2shillings 6 pence tickets to return to the court, because security does not believe he is the player. Maybe it's history, only one grand slam championship by such insults, but it proved to be a good investment, as Bobbi - Jones a little bit to retrieve his competitor's advantage.

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Embarrassing American shows

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Embarrassing American shows

Post  q462604742 on Wed May 04, 2011 10:38 pm

This nightmare last occurred in November. As if overnight, once the TV show hits ncis dvd
in each big video website extinguished. Many American fans on the BBS complaints see his struggling after watching show, and also someone complain video website deleted his spare time hard with the TV show. Upload

Many people guess this American TV's disappearance and 2009 April that similar. At that time, issuedOne Tree Hill DVD
the sarft on strengthening the Internet audio-visual programmes "notice of content management, provide not obtained a permit films, TV on the Internet such language scripts may not spread. This time, the sarft November 12 released the radio, film and television intellectual property strategy implementation opinion ".

Optimal cool and potatoes are said this is their voluntary behavior. "We are listed stage, can't offer pirated content." An anonymous potatoes employees said.

On November 10 and November 16, potatoes and optimal cool to the SEC has submitted a listing application. If all goes well, they will be in early December in nasdaq and respectively nyse.

When these video site listed in the United States, once because litigated, followed by the piracy is the law and not sons of anarchy dvd
the laws of China, damages will exceed the scope of what they can afford. An example is a reference in 2007, to Google and its viacom filed under copyright infringement proceedings, YouTube claim 10 billion dollars. After these video website in domestic faces piracy lawsuit, but the claim amount is not high.

Suffer not only, also be cleared American TV broadcast license and no drama, Korean port. Some port fans found online TVB drama "YiHai passion" together, the video before no longer update is also deleted.

The removed episodes mostly users to upload. A year ago, optimal cool, potatoes, cool 6 nets and other network video company is using YouTube video mode, allowing users to upload. However in order to increase the sources and attract more video website traffic, some in the name of users to upload pirated content, including website also Dexter dvd
includes lots of hot reflects American shows. This has almost become industry within an open secret.

Although American TV fans look a lot, but the reality is, the American play video website broadcast quantity and domestic drama is still far. Sohu video, for example, with the 2010 ended November 28 data show, broadcast quantity can only 50 top boffins of "lost"; If you look at the November 28 day, the first eighteen are domestic drama, beauty fans held "life big heat explosion" and "gossip girl" only row to 26 respectively and 28 bits. And may encounter compared the huge compensation on American TV, piracy with flow and advertising appear insignificant.

Sohu video is now a few American TV could still see in one of the web site, it won the Warner Brothers license fromCriminal Minds dvd
September this year, after the start and American broadcast simultaneously life big bang "and" gossip girl "show. Cool in this beautiful 6 nets also launched the drama season synchronization of vampire diaries "second season.

Sohu in early 2000 has landed nasdaq, cool 6 nets is on August 17 through equity transfer on nasdaq officially put up for sale. In 2009 was hua youshi discipline and acquisitions preparation before listing, cool and have begun to delete no copyright video. Potatoes and optimal cool video website, China after the main players arena already in overseas listing.

Even without overseas listing, video website also began to reflect their long-term earnings piracy what influence. Bring BySupernatural DVD
the end of 2009, Coca-Cola because in optimal cool platform on video piracy advertise, be optimal friends in tort joint liability zyprexa company against the court. This case reminded the video site in advertisers may face litigation risk.

If you can't bring advertising revenue, uploading pirated video just in cost bandwidth and no commercial value. Potatoes nets CEO wang wei said in a BBS admiral those brand advertisers don't agree with video and enormous website traffic described as "industrial waste".

Copyright and profit model becomes all video sites won't last hurdle YouTube earnings hopeless, and mode Hulu model seems to become mainstream.

Besides, Hulu as news corporation, NBC universal and Disney joint product, backed by the three media giant dashan, it to acquire and purchasing copyright already possess obvious advantages, such background video website in China cannot be reproduced.

Video website for domestic drama for the original price for copyright will have a push. In its prospectus optimal cool inThe Golden Girls dvd
2008, and introduced the film, compared to 2009 rose more than 200%, copyright expenses in 2010 and rose more than 100%. And a popular American shows synchronous broadcasting copyright may spend millions of dollars, more than the price of homebred play up to dozens of times.

They must be more cost-effective. Cool and now in buying more meticulous copyright before can do the user survey, including on the web site on questionnaire. "In the meeting I would suggest we buy things to buy more fine point, buy net friend very hope see things." DingLing green said.

Cool 6 nets started through and overseas cooperate the copyright ways to reduce costs divided. And the direct buyout Lost dvd
copyright different, and in this way means that copyright square provide free copyright, cool 6 nets charging users, and would benefit and copyright to profit sharing.

Optimal cool has also started to try to charge in its web site, already appeared "paid" whether the option to allow the user to select the column, mostly paid under American movies, such as "confinement island" and "godfather".


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