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2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne held

Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:31 am by gall

2012 British Open in July 19th to 22in Lancashire Royal Lytham and St Anne ( Royal Lytham & St. Annes ) held. The stadium was a group of great champions, including Bobbi Jones, one of the greatest amateur mizuno mp 68 irons. Very funny, Bobbi - Jones win here through many twists and turns, including had to buy tickets to enter the stadium.Once at Lytham, Bobbi - Jones immediately finds himself became the center of media attention, especially the American reporter, they gathered there to watch him play.

In 1926, the United States is in the prohibition era in the middle, which could explain why an American reporter selection in the club house ( Dormy House meters ) and club bar report events. To this end, he had to rely on my colleagues for his report on the latest information mizuno mp 58 irons. At least look back, obviously, he missed a lot of great golf performance, such as the first round, Walter Hagen played fantastic68 pole, ahead of compatriot Bill Mel Horn ( Bill Melhorn )2 bar.

Bobbi Jones admitted his first round of golf played very badly, the last four green he needed a push, to save a72 bar. The second round, Bobbi Jones once again hit 72 pole, two rounds of achievement of 144lever, and Bill Mehlhorn into the leading. At the start of the contestants for117 people, after two rounds of qualifying mizuno mp 53 irons for a total of 52people. The remaining players, all behind leader15 bar and above, automatic withdrawal. Walter Hagen in first round hit 68 pole on the basis of the second round, hit 77 pole, and third in. Another American players Creole - Voight Ross ( Al Watrous ) another stroke, the result is 146bar.

The morning of the last day of a fresh wind is blowing from the north. Bobbi - Jones and orr - Wouter Ross group. Auer - Wouter Ross is the Grand Rapids Michigan ( Grand Rapids ) of the occupation athlete, he won 34 games, two times in the Ryder Cup, and later changed when the boss.Auer - Wouter Ross in the third round hit 68 pole, in turn leading Bobbi Jones - 2bar. Two of them subsequently to the nearby Grand Hotel ( Majestic Hotel ) rest, eat. Walter Hagen was still on the pitch, he finally hit mizuno mp 59 irons 74 pole, but Bill Mehlhorn hit 79 pole, from second down to tie for fifth place, with the addition of an American amateur golfer George van elm ( George Von Elm ) was a draw. At the beginning of the year, George van elm in the United States Amateur Championship against Bobbi Jones, he crossed the the Atlantic but also to participate in the Walker cup.

The final round as Creole - Wouter Ross and Bobbi - Jones showdown. In this battle, the latter had to overcome a no thought obstacle.When Bobbi returned to the court of Jones after a short rest, he found himself players to put it in the wrong place mizuno mp 63 irons. To the end, he had to line up together with the public, paid 2shillings 6 pence tickets to return to the court, because security does not believe he is the player. Maybe it's history, only one grand slam championship by such insults, but it proved to be a good investment, as Bobbi - Jones a little bit to retrieve his competitor's advantage.

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Schwarzenegger announced separated couples

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Schwarzenegger announced separated couples

Post  q462604742 on Wed May 11, 2011 2:13 am

U.S. local time on May 9, former Hollywood action hero, former Californiature blood tv series governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife maria - officially announced the ephod; lai separation, which means they enviable 25 years marriage may end run. It is reported, two people are decided to do this because they are in private life and career has changed greatly, but they also will continue to raising four children, because the children is the core part of their lives.

Insider: "California first lady" has moved out of two shelter

U.S. local time on May 9, California, Hollywood legend former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
greys anatomy on dvd hardboiled star and his wife maria - officially announced the ephod; lai, who has now moved out of the separation in their home, and wood for brent 25 years of marriage may end up.

It is reported, be in early actually just weeks before, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife began separation, two recently in interviews, through the "Los Angeles times" published the following statement:

"This time, we have two people in life and career, experienced all great change. After a period of thinking, reflectionsons of anarchy on dvd and discussion and prayer, we finally made such a decision. After the separation between us questions will wait until later slowly processing, and we all have four children are still future life is one of the most important, most the core part, we will continue to look after them in the name of the husband and wife raised. It is our personal, family and friends have not further comment on it, hoping the media and the public can respect our decision."

After breaking up, Arnold Schwarzenegger and maria will be busy with their work. Maria currently operates a feminist public website, but she still "oprah magazine editor. But Schwarzenegger has been discharged governor post a few months time, he is also expected to return to again, return to old field performing work. Earlier [url=http://www.seriesonsale.com/DVDs/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Seasons-1-3-DVD-Box-Set-395.htmlBig Bang Theory dvd[/url]in confirmation regression starred in terminator film series latest sequel terminator 5 "and" new film cry after horse khodorkovsky, Schwarzenegger ChouPai again with universal pictures of the 1980s classic comedy film, "the sequel LongXiong rat brother came cooperation news.

Differences: always support different presidential candidate

Schwarzenegger unloaded governor position after only a few months, the two marriages but lights up a seemingly difficult to recover the red light. What makes this model couple to strangers? Media analysis, is not only the emotional problem, political differences may be one reason.

In early 2004, when California governor Schwarzenegger explosive BiWen: because he supported the bush re-election, against "made quite kerry" wife's adult, the latter immediately gave him "tough sanctions" he has continued when the 14 days "monk". According to reports, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a rally fall the site more than 1,000 audience phone-in. Schwarzenegger is republicans, his wife sarai eph is always support was the Democrats. Someone ask: "two political views are entirely different, affect the relationship between husband NCIS dvdand wife?" Schwarzenegger said: "of course. In recent elections, we so fierce situation more often make antinomy." Schwarzenegger still take their KaiShuan: "two weeks ago, we again for this matter displeased, finally I received his wife's sanctions, I already have 14 days no and his wife had sex." And the next round of presidential election, maria - leroy eph is Obama was powerful supporters, but Schwarzenegger is support McCain in.

The 63-year-old Schwarzenegger and 55 years old wife maria - leroy eph once was the model couple is the public eye. Two people in 1977 meet at a charity tennis match acquaintances, and in 1986, after marriage knot clintons together has four children two female two male.

Maria - leroy eph a blue blood was stabbed, her mother is former President John Kennedy's sister. She herself had well-known journalists and best-selling author, is also a famous social activist. Maria in every aspect is the strong arm, especially, Schwarzenegger in 2003 campaign California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger One Tree Hill dvd
is made a difference. In 2003, Schwarzenegger suffered sexual harassment scandal, it was his wife maria stand support oneself of husband, this also is she won many praise.

House woman

25 1992-96 governor path

In 2003, when the success in running for governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger passionately say: "my in the mind clear exactly how many votes is maria help me get back."

Kennedy seed maria - was born in Chicago leroy eph 1955, her mother was of the assassination of the former U.S. President John Kennedy's sister. Maria Kennedy luxurious SiDi grew up in Georgetown university, she completed her studies, and according to your own interested in working in TV journalism. From theCriminal Minds on dvd start, seem the offspring of samaria became Kennedy "alternative". Maria in the press to establish his reputation gradually. She once for an article reports of welfare reform, she received the highest honor of one of television broadcasting "award." horse bo

Work very hard

Maria not like giants as arrogant and expensively lazy, she works very hard. She had to grab the American baseball star Simpson case first-hand news, climbed up to the walls of the house Simpson on live coverage. Though her husband Schwarzenegger has is one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Brave firm

In "the September 11th incident, maria show after the brave and firm more let person admire. In the middle of October, 2001, she flew to New York hosting the today "column. Did someone with company studio to a colleague sending anthrax powder, it is when panic. But maria chose to go in, although she knew dexter dvdthat maybe those unpredictable things will happen to their heads.

Naturally help Randolph

Maria is not pretty, but married all woman's heart, the sexy icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger ended in the 25 years ago was considered a Hollywood star and social celebrities a love affair between pile. However, after many years of their marriage is greatly exceeded the firm degree from a Schwarzenegger people had expected a little famous upgrade to the Hollywood bodybuilding champions step by step after superstar, and successfully for politicians, including Mary transformation has played an inestimable role.

Someone says, maria is Schwarzenegger life real decision makers. Whether bodybuilding competition,Cheap DVD or performance, select directors, select the producer, select the studios, and even run for governor, she helped her husband coups.

Maria seems to many industries have interest and talent, she have been involved in sports, business, politics, including movies. Schwarzenegger has when accepting a reporter to interview, maria was so clever, is his ideal women. Once in a quite long time, maria always opposed Arnold into politics. But perhaps is a kind of destiny, for political sensitivity and talented leverage like maria inherent things. But she still also determines the Schwarzenegger attitude.

Build governor

In 2003, dramatic thing happened. 6 August, in the studio in California, presided over of the day -- Renault asked jay visitants Schwarzenegger: "how are you going to announce that you don't attend gubernatorial elections decision?" Schwarzenegger mouth mutters answer: "or exit......" However, a few minutes later,two and a half men Schwarzenegger sentence but destabilized the entire California politics, he unexpectedly announced will compete for the governor to election year audiences, let present accident, even site called director all too late replacement preparation for the statement, that is not run for draft, Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger told reporters after out of the studio, because his wife's words made him eventually change decision, he said: "she is most concerned about children, but finally, she said to me," know? Whatever you do, I support you. ""

Campaign miracle

Campaign, has baffled Schwarzenegger is continuously blackout, therefore, the sex scandal samaria campaign, she attended frequently abide in public said: "people want, can let me such women don't trust lifelong man trustworthy?" Maria shows as a woman maximum weight and fortitude character.

The success of the meeting, Schwarzenegger elected week, said: "my in the mind clear exactly bones 1-5how many votes is maria help me get back." From announced his candidacy to win, Schwarzenegger in just 62 days, maria destinations. But after four years of election, Arnold Schwarzenegger and easily re-elected.


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